Ooooh, shiny, new features!

(Coming soon)

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We can’t constantly bang on about innovation if we’re not innovating ourselves. Which is why we’ve got a ton of awesome new features launching very soon on a DA-X platform near you.


Due Diligence & Audit

Centralised real-time intelligence driven oversight, leveraging third party data sources and machine learning. In normal speak, we’re making due diligence and auditing simple, and thorough. And who wouldn’t want that?


Total Fund Control

Fully auditable e-wallets coded with the binder details for automated premium collection and claims payments. Accounts are auto-reconciled and fully credit controlled in real time. Bloody brilliant!


App Store

Provides access to a wide range of connected tools and platforms, such as RQBI, PAS & Claims Systems, data banks, intelligence, ratings & wordings engines. It’s like the Apple App Store, but for smart people.


Augmentation & Intelligence

We are continuously adding third party data sources and leveraging big data for unrivalled portfolio intelligence. Robots won’t take over the world. DA-X might, though.


Capacity Marketplace

Through strategic partnerships we will be offering access to digital capacity marketplaces, providing algorithmic matching. If you don’t know what that means or why it’s of benefit, you will soon.